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“I have had the pleasure of working with Judith on a number of occasions.  She provides the attention to detail that I lack.  She has produced training feedback reports as well as some client analysis that has proved extremely useful to my business.  She is always efficient and professional, which ensure our business standards are continually reflected well.  I am sure we will continue to use her services in the future.” 
- Sue Langley, Emotional Intelligence Worldwide

“The Occasional Assistant has been essential to our production and provision of high quality client reports and advisory materials. We use TOA extensively in our document production, both as an adjunct to our in-house capability and also to free up our own professional staff.

With TOA, we have gained a virtual integrated team member, able to take inputs from anywhere in our network, synthesize and produce every stage from working drafts to final publication-quality reports and presentations. They work as an internal team member, often combining inputs from Melbourne, Sydney, and other client locations, and producing a seamless document suitable for binding and presentation anywhere in Australia—or for that matter, for clients in North America or elsewhere overseas!

Since engaging Judith and her team of professionals at TOA, our output rate of quality project documentation has been able to keep up to our rapid growth—and without the need to employ more in-house assistance.

Since becoming familiar with our business, the TOA team have been able to do much more than process documents: They now regularly handle sensitive and confidential materials professionally and with care. They can—and do—provide value-adding advice on document styles, presentation and production customized to our look-and-feel.

We cannot recommend them highly enough. As we continue to grow, we hope to use more TOA VA’s, and keep expanding our professional teams rather than our secretarial and office assistant resources.” 
- Mary Beth Bauer, CEO. Value Enhancement Management.
Melbourne & Sydney

“We have used the Occasional Assistant for a variety of work, from lead generating to preparing PowerPoint presentations to making appointments for Melbourne visits.  We have found their quality of work, turnaround times, attention to detail and ability to think outside the brief to be outstanding.  A highly recommended, high value service.”
- Janelle Wallace, OPS Asia Pacific

“Judith is an excellent travel & meeting planner! Diligent, organized, and flexible, she has been a great help to me.”
- Yui Tsao, Equinox Partners


The Occasional Assistant

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